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Tip Jones: Stop Playing Small

If you feel like you’re mourning the loss of your womanhood, Tip shares how she can relate.

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This issue of MB Mag has provided so much context related to Purpose and Mental Health. Tip gave us so much in her interview, we couldn’t just leave some of it on the cutting room floor! She so eloquently shared the journey that brought the world Tip Jones Global. Also, we appreciate her willingness to be vulnerable and share very personal details of her life, briefly mentioned in the “Let Your Light Shine” section, but we would be remiss to not include the following gems of survival as well. We asked Tip to shed light on some ways that help her to keep her peace and to protect her mental space. 

Over 20 years ago, the confident and self-assured Tip Jones we know today was a very different person.  Life’s series of twists and turns caused her to be a multi-attempt suicide survivor — with 28 attempts, to be exact. To say she’s an overcomer is an understatement. Surely, God had a plan for her life, and in her words, “Clearly mental health is important to me.”

Concerning the circumstances of her life during this tumultuous time, Tip adamantly declares, “With the amount of stress that was pushing me over the edge, I will never get pushed to that edge again.” During that time she developed coping mechanisms that she still uses today. One of those recent coping skills includes her frequent use of the Bible App. “I’ve probably completed 40 to 50 Bible plans. There are so many amazing plans — some are funny, some are gut wrenching — and they really chastise you … I love them!” Staying rooted in the Word of God is priority to Tip. For her, dedicating the first parts of her morning sets the tone for her day.  

“Something I know all will relate to is the attempt to make everything perfect,” Tip shares, describing how Perfectionism was crippling her. “On the outside, people see me as a success. My story has only gotten better, not worse. No matter the bumps, the bruises, or breaks I’ve sustained, I’m on the upswing.  But, when I look in the mirror and consider my trajectory, I’m not impressed. That’s both good and bad.  It’s good because it keeps me humble, right? And, I definitely don’t think, ‘I’ve made it,’ so that’s wonderful. However, it’s terrible and actually an insult to my Creator to not be able to see how He has impacted my life and allowed me this trajectory.” 

Tip goes on to encourage us, saying, “Ladies, be gentle with yourselves. Your ability to be the same woman you were before marriage, before having children, is impossible to maintain. Not that you cannot do it, but it’s mandatory to accept the need to adjust and do life differently.” 

If you feel like you’re mourning the loss of your womanhood, Tip shares how she can relate. “You’re not alone and it’s okay,” she says. She revels in the memory of being able to spend 20 straight hours taking an idea from concept to execution … yet those days are over, “and it’s still okay,” she admits. 

“Learning how to do life differently as you juggle all these balls in the air is another mandatory skill that you will develop,” she continues, “and several things in your life will press themselves up against this narrative. You have to realize, along with our growth as women, that who you were, to some, will also have to change. It may not be your job to plant the seed, water it and to be present during the harvest. Be content with your assignment. Embrace how God is moving through your life and know you are exactly where He needs you to be right now … and that’s enough.”   

Her last piece of advice regarding our purpose begins with “Be Honest.” She says, “Regardless of who told you what you should do or could do, be honest with yourself. We may need to go into a place of seclusion for some time, not just for a moment, to become incredibly clear so we can hear God. Stop just flying by the seat of your pants and doing what you think is popular. Quit the comparative analysis with those you see on “The Gram” — as you’re only getting part of the story. Be more careful with your ear gates and your eye gates.” 

With a grin, she admonishes, “Last, shut up when you’re praying! It’s a two-way conversation. When are you going to be quiet enough to listen? The minute you hear what the truth is and you admit to yourself that is what you’re supposed to be doing, and it wasn’t in your plan, it wasn’t on your vision board, it was not in your scope of things to do, and you realize that THIS is what you were supposed to be doing, the heavens truly open up.” Such a hope-filled message for all readers! 

Finally, Tip continues, “We’re trying to force our own agenda, hoping it will render the tangible things. Yet in fact, your purpose is the portal. But, your purpose may be uncomfortable. You’re still going to have to admit what your purpose is and acquiesce. Stop rebelling; you’re hurting yourself. There’s an opportunity to receive our heart’s desires that God has already planted. But, the path we must take to achieve that may not look as flashy or fun. Or, maybe, it won’t keep you safely in the back. Instead, it’s time for you to be on the front line. You may be the headliner … you may be the leader and people are going to follow you. If you’re having doubt about your purpose, it’s not because you don’t know; it’s because you don’t think you can. You don’t have to do it by yourself.” 

So many life lessons; so much wisdom to tap into our God-ordained purpose! Tip’s courage to teach us all she has learned and authentically share her personal story gives us all a shot of inspiration. “Just like a baby who is strapped in a car seat,” she concludes with a smile, “strap up and let Daddy drive!”  

  Stop Playing Small ~ Tip Jones, Tip Jones Global ~

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