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The Iconic Deborah Cox: Creativity, Music and Her Walk With God

So how does this woman of great light do it all? By being patient with herself.

To fully know and appreciate the incomparable Deborah Cox and the way she’s been able to maintain her faith and keep her focus as she navigates marriage, motherhood and the entertainment industry, one must know her beginning.

Her story began in Toronto, where she was born and raised. It was there that Deborah began performing at an early age and would later start a career as a background singer for Celine Dion. Her faith was birthed from her parents who are from the West Indies, as the Caribbean culture has faith baked in its essence. 

Growing up Deborah Cox attended Catholic school. While attending school she saw the way certain people were treated. Coupled with the hurt from “church folk” who were quick with the “you can’t ‘this’ and you can’t ‘that’ judgment” made Deborah feel guilty.  These experiences made her question religion and caused her to be cautious about getting involved with any organized religion. The one thing that remained as a constant in Deborah’s life was music.

Music is a universal language. It has the ability to be a language that transcends time and space. Music knows no bounds. It brings joy, it heals, it comforts and it inspires hearts worldwide.  And, because it does, Deborah found herself being ministered to through faith filled artists like BeBe & CeCe Winans and Yolanda Adams.  Their expressions resonated with Deborah musically and spoke to her more than any religious organization or “church folk.”

Deborah recognized that God didn’t care about all that judgment. He simply wanted her to have a personal walk with Him. Her genuine authenticity and candor was pleasantly refreshing when she boldly declared for us to keep God first. That He meets us where we are at. Our personal walk with God is just that, personal. Deborah admonishes us all to refrain from judging one’s own self too harshly. Tell yourself when the going gets tough that it’s ok. Once you tell yourself that, it truly is ok.

If we need to go ahead and cry it out, then go ahead and cry it out. Get it all out. Start again. It’s ok to take it moment by moment. Don’t feel the pressure of having it all figured out. None of us have it all figured out. As much as we think we do and think we’re in control, we’re not. Don’t overcomplicate it…. Let Go and Let God.

So how does this woman of great light do it all? By being patient with herself. Her faith in God and not allowing social media to be the filter for her life is the key to her secret sauce. Deborah Cox has been in the biz for a few decades. She has been able to transcend beyond the physical boundaries of being a songstress because of her versatility and the power her voice possesses. She is a multi-faceted creative artist who has been able to touch souls not only with a song, but also as an actress who graces the screens of movies and tv shows as well as the Broadway stage .

Deborah, recognizing that social media was a facade and its effect on the psyche, shares that it is important to prioritize spending quality time with people and learn to truly listen and hear each other. We also must dwell in God’s presence by spending quiet moments with Him and reading His Word. He reveals Himself in the smallest of moments.

 After spending time with God, Deborah was able to recognize that the moments she initially deemed small and insignificant were actually moments that God revealed her path and purpose.

Ever growing, Deborah also learned to not compare herself to anyone else or what their vision for her life is supposed to be. As one who’s feeling like she’s hitting her stride in her 40’s, she has noticed her position in life among her family and friends is that she’s the “strong one.”

Sometimes, in the midst of all of that is done for others, especially in light of the turbulent year that 2020 was; Deborah would get lost in trying to be everything to everybody. She forgot that she also needed a little bit of nurturing and direction as well. That need for nurturing and direction opened her eyes to the need for her to stay in constant communication with the Spirit. The Spirit was readily available to guide her. This revelation was a catalyst in her keeping first things first and the richness of that lesson should be heeded by all.

So what’s next for this phenomenal superstar, who’s not as serious as she may appear at times?! Yes, you read that correct, THE DEBORAH COX is a child at heart. Her silly nature at times is an embarrassment for her son and two daughters. What’s next is….more music, more music, and more music!  Yes, you can run and tell your friends, we can definitely expect this powerhouse to release more music!  Deborah is also preparing for another film and a television show. We will have the opportunity to have a broader look at who Deborah Cox is as an artist. She will be as creative as possible doing all different types of things. Deborah wants her life and drive to inspire other up and coming artists who are flooding the industry with their work and their gifts.

Deborah Cox is a superstar and we look forward to seeing her unique imprint in this tapestry of life. However, her superstar status hasn’t been achieved because of the Grammy nomination or because she’s a multi-platinum recording artist, but simply because of her faith in God and the support of her family.

Deborah, a mom & a wife who has been married for 22 years shared that her success in marriage is rooted in recognizing that each one has to compromise and to have constant, honest communication. She loves being a mommy. She loves being a wife. She loves having a career. But having the support and love of her spouse and her children has allowed her to experience true success.

The legendary Deborah Cox truly embodies what it means to be a modern woman of God. Her life is a testament that the Lord fulfills His promises and that His goodness and mercy follows us all the days of our lives.

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