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Fearfully & Wonderfully Made

Expectation vs. Calling

Marji Laine shares how God moved in her business where she is able to support authors in sharing their stories.

When I started my career as an author, I had the journey planned. I would secure a brilliant agent, contract with a fabulous and large publishing house, and enjoy writing more books. My sole goal was to put books of faith into the hands of readers who needed a reminder of their first love in Jesus.

My sweet hubby told me that he believed in me, but he also thought this might be training for something like a teaching position. He had no idea how prophetic he was. 

I did secure a brilliant agent, but when he retired, I contracted with a small, although still fabulous, publishing house. About a month before my book was supposed to release, my new publisher called to tell me the Lord had urged her to leave the publishing business and would I take over the house? 


With 23 authors and about 40 books, I took over Write Integrity Press. Now almost five years later, we’ve published close to a hundred books and opened a new aspect of the company where we assist independent authors in their publishing goals. 

My books are still getting into the hands of those who need them, but I’m able to spread God’s truth so much more with the authors I help. I think, all along, that was my true calling.

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