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Krystal Reed @YesGirlYess_

Yes Girl Yess is a mother-daughter business — and is simply a dream come true. This business was started so that women and girls could shop without leaving home. Yes Girl Yess is not a one-size-fits-all store but is intended to bring out the Queen and Princess within you. We offer matching products for mothers and daughters, hair accessories, fashionable hats, jewelry to spice up your wardrobe, and more. We want this business to give women and girls a way to complement their beauty and be the Queens and Princesses that they are! 

God has guided our boutique by faith. There were times when things got hard, but God always gave us the strength and courage to carry on. By the courage and strength we gained from God’s Word, we have become strong in making sure the women in this world feel like the beautiful royalty that God has created. Walking by faith with our business showed us how to be mindful of the actions, thoughts, and words we must use to ensure our business remains successful.  

For we walk by faith and not by sight -2 Corinthians 5:7

This verse inspires us. We decided to carry our business with faith! We are strong Black business owners, and we trust God in all things!

Mommy & Me Spring Fashion Tips

A simple jumper or a maxi dress and a cute pair of shades, with a nice cross-body purse, are perfect for spring days. Once you have something that fits you right, then coordinating your child and children becomes easy. So, I always say to start with Mom when it comes to “Mommy and Me” styles. 

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