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Let Your Light Shine

Lexi Allen: Let Your Light Shine

Deidre Dickey sits down with Lexi Allen to talk life, business, and faith

Lexi Allen’s career is very diverse. You may know her from her comedy parodies on Instagram. You may know her as a singer and recording artist (she thought this particular gig would be her main lane). You may know her from her hair extension line. You may even know her from her show and now podcast, The Lexi Show. Most recently, she launched “GEAT Cosmetics,” a makeup line with an amazing story that became the premise for most of our conversation. 

As we sit down to talk, I first ask Lexi how her cosmetic line evolved and if she knew she would be more than “just a singer,” and she responds back with, “I initially thought music was all I was going to do. But I have had some real wins doing the hair thing, and I’m having some great wins doing the cosmetic thing.”

Our conversation has just begun and I’m already realizing how our talk is meant to encourage not only you, but myself as well. I’m not sure how many women out there have felt like me, but there have been times when I felt the struggle of trying to find my lane — choosing one thing over another. Lexi’s next statement quiets that chatterbox when she firmly states, without a trace of arrogance, “I love all of it! I am having so much fun, but I have no idea what I am doing day to day. I live my life by the seat of my pants. A year ago, I didn’t know I would have a cosmetic line … it wasn’t on the radar.” Helping her son through college as a single mom, Lexi does what she needs to each and every day to make sure that she and her son are good.

Over time, God began speaking to Lexi, letting her know time was up concerning some things. Then a friend asked her what she would do if money weren’t an option. She responded that she would work out and encourage others with fitness and that she would do something with makeup. Lexi’s friend then told her to do just that. When you read Lexi’s following response, insert her comedic timing and facial expressions to get the full effect:  “Do what, whatchu talkin’ about? I don’t know how to do that!!” Y’all, she had me in stitches. Guess what, though? She did it! She did the makeup thing.

As one who has always loved makeup, Lexi knew she didn’t know what she was doing or what she needed to know. She says she began fact-finding and sampling, looking and seeing what’s up. Which morphed into her thinking about what she would call it if she did have a cosmetic company and what kind of products she would sell if she did begin this exciting cosmetics line. When asked if she had any mentors to help her in the business, she mentions that she had two: her mentor and the mentor’s mentee. Lexi expresses that she learned to depend on the lessons they taught her, but not to rely or lean on them too heavily. She has found that if you lean too hard or depend too much on others, people can get tired, especially when you’re not coming with any money. Lexi makes it clear that the lesson here is to take the information and do the work! Yes, y’all, we gotta grind these dreams and aspirations into existence. Everything we need to succeed is inside of us!

Let’s talk about all things GEAT (Greater Eye Am Temple) for a minute. When I tell you Lexi knows makeup, she KNOWS makeup. She’ll try to tell you that she’s not a makeup artist, but at this point, um … yes, ma’am … yes, you are! Haha!  As she talked more about this new venture, six months old to be exact, one of the biggest takeaways was that, as creatives, we need help. Especially help to manage things correctly when starting something new. Get the right people in your corner that will help you stay on course and stay organized. Know your gift, and find those who can help you with the areas that are not your strong suit.

You, MB Mag Reader, are built for “this” … replace this with the thing that God has placed on your heart, in your lane. Trust in Him to give you the discernment to know who is for you and who’s still stuck and hatin’ on you. That’s right … the Word of the Lord through His beloved daughter Lexi Allen says, “Consider the source!” Not everyone who is in your inner circle is meant to be attached to everything God is doing in and through you. It’s okay to prune so you can flourish.

We touch briefly on her podcast, The Lexi Show, also something new. Because she loves talking to people and cutting up, the podcast gave her a place to talk about issues and latest news. At the time of this article, she had paused the show to get her audio issues corrected. Which in itself was encouraging for my spirit to hear, that it’s okay to start something and pause to get it right. Stopping momentarily to reassess is not a sign of failure or missing the mark. It’s a sign of good stewardship. I don’t know who out there needs to hear that, but it’s true — it’s okay to pause to get it right.

If you couldn’t tell, my conversation with Lexi Allen is one that you gotta take some notes on and then revisit. This woman shares a Word and drops a quick mini-sermon my way before our conversation ends. She mentions that one of her favorite scriptures is Matthew 12:34b: “For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.” She breaks down this scripture in regard to people talkin’ slick out their neck when they’re supposed to be cool and celebrate you. She says, “Watch this! Out of the abundance, the mouth speaks. That means it’s not just there in a shallow area. It’s not just in there a little bit. It’s in your heart overflowing. That means other times you had to suppress it, but it was still in there. That means it was in there, shaken together and running over. It didn’t just come out, it’s still in there.” Lexi makes this point when I ask her what challenges or trials she had to overcome. “This illustrates one of those challenges,” she says, “along with money (or lack thereof), self-doubt, the ‘Do I have time?’ or ‘Am I too old?’ questioning, and then some.” Who can relate? “If God said to go this way,” Lexi continues, “that means provision is there.” She adds,I may not see the provision … real talk.” But like Lexi, we can choose to make the daily, conscious decision to listen to what God says or not.

Our first inclination is to ask a bunch of questions, but Lexi mentions something that we should add to our spiritual toolbox, and that something is faith. “Abram didn’t ask a bunch of questions. When He [God] said go, He didn’t give a bunch of details. The problem with us is that we want all the details, the roadmap, the GPS, and every road stop in between. This is not faith. Without faith, we cannot please God. Not only that, it goes against everything that God is. I have learned to get up in the morning, take a deep breath, let it settle and say, ‘Let’s get it.’ Every. Single. Day. ‘I am trained for this. I may not know all things, but ‘LET’S GET IT!’”

Lexi’s late pastor taught her not to despise the process. He asked her, “What is the fun when you get it all?” He said, “Think about it. The fun is the ride there. The fun is overcoming this. The fun is overcoming that. The fun is in the magic of when you’re hungry and working towards something.” Be mindful of those who inspire you. Be mindful of the lessons you learn in the process. For Lexi, one of those lessons came from Carlton Pearson. First, BET interviewed him. Then, Lexi did her own interview as well with her one cameraman and his two cameras. Carlton told her that he got the biggest response to those interviews from Lexi’s show. His advice? “No matter what you do in this life, don’t get too polished. BET had all the equipment, the lights, and audio, etc. But it was you, Lexi. It was you, your questions, and your personality. It was how you told the story. Never get too polished, or you will lose your edge.” Translation, friends: YOU ARE ENOUGH. Take a moment right now to take that breath and settle yourself. Remember what God has spoken over you and say, “Let’s get it!” Every new 24, declare it. You do not need to have all the answers. Step out in faith. Speak out in faith. You do not have to know what you’re doing. You know the ONE who does.

Lexi’s parting statement is a call to action for us all. She says, “Let’s get it. I don’t know what I’m doing. I don’t have a ‘marketing nothing.’ But I know that I love makeup. And I know that I love people. I know that I love empowering people to look better than they did the day before. That’s all I got. Since that’s all I got, let me give you all I got, how I can give it to you. The blessing has to be in there somewhere because God told me to do it. If I just keep going, I’ll figure it out. God told me to go and to do it now. I have to do what I am told. As I do what I am told, the provision will come. Walking by faith is a lost art. We want to have all the answers. We want clarity. But the one thing that I am clear about is that He never left me. He never, never left me hanging. I am clear about that! I am not clear about what I am supposed to do tomorrow, but I am clear about what He has done for me.

I can look back over my life and show you through times and places where He has shown up. Where He has saved me. Where He has healed my body. I have the scar to prove to you that had I waited two years for my colonoscopy and not have had the polyps removed that I didn’t know were there, I would have had full-blown colon cancer. I can show you physical evidence of a supernatural God! That, my friend, is what wakes me up and says, ‘Let’s get it.’ I do not need the details. He has a proven track record with me, I’m good. That trumps my doubt, that trumps my insecurity financially. I can do it when He says, or delay and be dragged into doing it. Either way I am going to do it. You can do it later in life or in its appointed time. But you gon’ do it. What do you have to lose when you do it His way? It’s not my first time at the rodeo. I’m gonna do it when HE TELLS ME.”

MB Mag Fam, step out in faith. Take Him at His Word.

“I am convinced and confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you will [continue to] perfect and complete it until the day of Christ Jesus [the time of His return].” ‭‭

Philippians‬ ‭1:6‬

In the words of our sis, “Let’s Get It!”

To see more from Lexi Allen, follow her on Instagram.

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