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Message from the Editor” Our Love & Relationships Issue Is Here

The Taylors will talk, they will encourage, and they will inspire; their love is truly heaven-sent.

Dear Readers,

Stacy Sorrell Moore
MB Magazine Editor-in-Chi

We are so blessed to have Fantasia & Kendall Taylor as our cover stars. As you know … They. Are. Amazing! Through her powerful voice and dynamic stage performances, Fantasia has completely WOWed us time and time again. But to witness this beautiful woman of God discuss her walk with Him — sitting side by side with her King, her husband Kendall Taylor, whose testimony equally blew me away — believe me when I say this … you will be left speechless. 

In this Love & Relationships issue, you will get to know who these two are through the eyes of God. Kendall drops nuggets of truth while Fantasia lights up your heart. The Taylors will talk, they will encourage, and they will inspire; their love is truly heaven-sent. 

On top of being blessed by the Taylors in this issue, you get to meet a fabulous medley of women who will spur you on to greatness in a myriad of ways. I’m so very thankful for each woman featured here. As you turn each page, I pray you soak up the life strategies that will enrich you, tidbits of knowledge that will challenge you, personal stories that may bring some tears, and yes, some side-splitting humor that I hope makes you grin from ear to ear. Believe me, I laughed and cried all through these pages — so don’t forget the tissues! 

More than anything though, I pray that God will gently lead you to find the best Love and Relationship of all — that found in His Son, Jesus Christ.  

On Love & Relationships

Stepping into a relationship with God allows you to experience the Peace, Comfort, and Joy that surpasses all understanding. But you may be asking, how do I begin to build this important relationship? And the answer is … God is always there, He is omnipotent, and He’s just waiting on you. Here’s some ideas I’ve found helpful: 

  • Simply Ask, Seek, and Knock.Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you (Matthew 7:7). Among other things, that means to pursue God with an open heart. He will answer you when you do! Read the Book of Life daily; this is God’s teachings and all His promises. And there’s indeed power in the Word!
  • Pray just as you would talk to a friend. And when you are finished, sit still for a while. What a mind blowing experience it is to feel the omnipresence of God. 
  • Know that you are the child of the Living God and that you are called for His Glory. The more you pursue Him, the more He will speak this truth to you.

Friends, being in a relationship with God equips you for every relationship or situation you will ever encounter. You will gain His wisdom, His understanding, and His patience. Your faith will increase, you will love and forgive as never before, and your burdens will lighten and lift. And so importantly, you will gain the ability to offer others the kind of grace with which God has gifted us.  

Now this is the true definition of Heaven on Earth, an eternal Love! Glory be to God … Thank you, Jesus! May you discover all these blessings and more. May you find joy unspeakable and Life everlasting! 

From my heart to yours,

Stacy Sorrell Moore

MB Magazine Editor-in-Chief 

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