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Fearfully & Wonderfully Made

Preparing for the Future

April Nuebel tells her story; how God prepared her for the ministry He had for her.

Living for God, you sometimes may ask yourself, “What is my purpose?” What does God want me to do with this great salvation He has given me? Our main purpose is to minister to the souls who need to hear about Jesus Christ. I have been given a miraculous gift: to minister to children.

I have been in the field of childcare development for over 40 years. I have worked in various preschools and Head Start centers within the Chicago area.

When I was a new mother, I was completely blindsided when my son’s father left me, and I was forced to raise my beautiful little boy alone. Being rejected by this man put me in a state of depression for some time. However, the love I had for my baby boy was undeniable. I nurtured him and instantly desired to protect him. I didn’t know years later I would be led right into my calling. Taking care of children would be my destiny.

As a teacher, I witnessed moms on drugs bring their children to school, and were later unable to sign their children out of school. I witnessed child abuse in the 80s before strict legal guidelines were put in place. As teachers, we felt extremely helpless. I worked with children with behavioral concerns with no idea how to help. There were so many times I wanted to give up and quit. As I continued to work, I discovered new ideas and creative ways to guide and teach toddlers. God allowed me to help parents who were in similar situations that I faced and some even worse. When I gave my life to Jesus, God gifted me the strength to help these parents without any judgment.

I have excelled as one of the top-rated teachers in the majority of the schools I’ve worked in. I recently received my B.A. degree in Early Child Care Education. Before this, I was paid a very low salary. But I was determined, and I never gave up. Over the years I have stayed committed to working with young children. I want to help advance children in their education and give them the unconditional love they lack within their homes. From birth to three years of age is a very crucial time in Early Childhood Development. During this time, a child’s social, emotional, physical, linguistic, and cognitive skills are developing. I am truly blessed to receive an enormous amount of love from these children. I know God put me right where I’m supposed to be. I’m completely fulfilled, and I wouldn’t change a thing!

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