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Rediscovering You

Dominique Sensabaugh sits down with her friend Nicole Gilchrist to discuss self-care and fashion tips.

As a mother with three children, all ages three and under, my self-care and glam routine are often neglected. After giving birth to Justice, the third of my beautiful babies, I had to become super strategic and intentional in allocating time for myself. 

My devotion to self-care does not arise from a space of vanity; rather, my faith in Christ encourages me to take care of myself. I believe it is my duty as a servant leader to serve others, to be a light and a vessel of His works and grace. And to perform at maximum efficiency, I must put my mental, spiritual, and physical self-care at the forefront. 

This practice is easier said than done, but over the years, I have learned the only way to pour into others fully is to make sure my cup is full. 

As a devoted wife, committed mother, and steadfast entrepreneur (like many other boss babe women in this role, striving to balance my responsibilities), my days can be hectic and my time often limited.

Despite this, I am still an advocate for taking care of the beauty and self-care essentials because the age-old adage of “when you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good, you do good” is true. 

During my recent sit down with my close friend — beauty guru and creator of the luxurious vegan leather My Life Beauty Bag, Nicole Gilchrist — I learned some great tidbits on mastering self-care of one of the most glamorous #girlbosses in my circle. I am in awe at how Nicole can be an amazing wife and mommy and still maintain her flawless glam. During our interview, she gave me the rundown on how she slays and serves.

DS: As a mother of three, carving out time to glam can be daunting. What advice do you have for Mamas who want to look amazing but struggle to make time for themselves?

NG: I most certainly lost all the time I once had after having children; however, I still carve out time for a glam routine. Beauty routines will empower and uplift you, so we must be implementing them in our everyday lives! I am a spiritual person and like to do my internal beauty routine first, consisting of prayer, meditation, affirmations, and gratitude! Secondary to that, I will do my external beauty routine (i.e., skincare, personal hygiene, makeup, hair, and wardrobe). 

DS: What are some of your favorite beauty tips and tricks?


  • Use your bronzer for eyeshadow. 
  • Add highlight to the inner corners of your eyes, brow bone, cheekbones, cupids bow, and between your eyebrows.
  • Take vitamins! 
  • Wear blush!
  • Exfoliate your lips!
  • Eat colorfully! 
  • Drink lots of water!
  • Brushing your brows every day will make your brows look well-groomed.
  • Everyone needs to wear sunscreen.
  • Do a face mask at least once a week.

NG: Here are some Glam combinations for a woman with no time!

•Tinted moisturizer + concealer + blush + bronzer + lash curler + mascara + gloss

• Lash curler + mascara + concealer + bronzer + lip gloss

• Curl your lashes + lip liner + shimmer gloss

• Get individual eyelash extensions + maintain brow maintenance + lip gloss

DS: What about the days when you don’t feel as rested and wonderful, mentally and physically? How do you find the motivation to keep it together and pour into yourself? 

NG:  On days like this, I focus on letting the Spirit guide me and surrendering my insecurities and frustrations to Christ. I stay close to God; I am at peace when I am close to Him. I am also aware and mindful of my mental and physical state at all times. I meditate, pray, talk to God, read the Bible, and read my affirmation cards as a daily practice. I am led and encouraged by the words I’ve read and meditated on, and from there, I am usually aligned in flow and ready to take on the day ahead!

A fun fact, beauty products can be a part of your skin, hair, and nail health. You can enjoy and find fun in the maintenance of your beauty routines. Have fun with it!

DS: How do you find the time to balance being a mom yet maintaining your sexy? 

NG: It takes a village when you have children. We have to lean on people we trust and love to help us achieve whatever we need in life! You find time by simply making time. You make time by asking for help!

When I have a special occasion coming up, I plan what my children will be doing and who they will be with during my glam time. Quality products will give your makeup longevity, so even if I have to get ready in advance, I’m okay with that because my makeup is long-lasting. I can quickly touch up with setting powder and/or lip liner and lipstick.

DS: What is your best beauty and makeup secret?

NG: A flawless face comes from having a regimented cleansing routine in the morning and the evening. Getting facials to deep clean your pores or address skincare needs at least once a month creates an amazing makeup application canvas. When drying your face, try using a disposable cloth/towel instead of the towel you use to dry your body. Studies have shown body towels hold lots of bacteria and shouldn’t be transferred to the face. Cleanse your makeup brushes and sponges as often as possible — cleaning them between every makeup application and performing a deep clean on your brushes regularly. 

I learned early as a mother that you may frequently feel tired, but taking the time for self-care is essential to your mental, physical, and spiritual health. It is a balancing act. Feeling and looking your best will only uplift and empower you! We must pour into our own cups to show up as our best selves to serve others.

To hear more from Nicole follow her on Instagram.

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