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Unconditional Love

Pastors Daniel and Lanetria Rios discuss loving one another while combining their families.

Everyone wants a relationship with unconditional love. Yet, I have learned that unconditional love does not exist by itself but only in a team of other “unconditionals.” It requires unconditional patience, kindness, goodwill, humility, honor, selflessness, forgiveness, understanding, and honesty. It requires protection, trust, hope, and endurance. Without this team of actions, conditions arise. 

People find the limits of their love only when they run into scenarios that they never expected to encounter… the unspoken conditions. Yet through God’s grace, we have come to experience a treasure of “unconditionals” that we believe to be far from fleeting ideas.  

Allow me to introduce ourselves: Daniel (previously divorced, single father of three) and Tria (single mother of an only daughter) have endured crazy exes and broken pasts. We built our relationship having to date among attacks (mental and physical), break-ins, courtrooms, etc., just to pursue what we knew to be worth it… US. 

Blended families are never easy. Tria went from having one child to having four children overnight. We’ve endured the poisoning of our children towards our marriage (by their “others”) and had to rebuild them every other Monday upon their return home, all while not losing “us” in the first years of our marriage, which is foundational for a strong future. We have walked through medical crises, interstate relocations for jobs (only to be fired and then restart), multiple business launches, church planting, deaths, and more. 

We have found ourselves more in love through countless situations that can tear at the fabric of marriage and commitment. Yet, through God’s help, our love has endured, giving us reason to encourage others in their own pursuit of the “unconditionals” in their relationships. Keep pressing into God’s love, into His Word, to discover His very best for you. 

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