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God Writes My Story

Being a barber is not always just about cutting hair. For me,  it’s been an opportunity to carry out God’s assignments and appointments. This profession has allowed me to serve beyond a cut, shave, or line up. It has allowed me to speak life and to have life spoken into me. Through school, work, sports, marriage, family, parenting, and mental and physical health matters – God has used my ordinary life experiences to connect me with people during their seasons of life, whether times of celebration or challenges.

As an accomplished master barber of 20-plus years, a business owner and entrepreneur, God is now expanding my platform.

During the pandemic I had to close my business. Although it was a time of many unknowns, God showed me it was exactly the right time to take the next step into my calling. This vision and seed were planted shortly after my wife and I married: To become a real estate broker and investor, and to expand my business to not only provide for but also include my family. To help people find their dream homes and investment properties. To build relationships beyond my barber chair, my comfort zone — a new, larger platform to open up more space for God to move.

That was last year. Now, I am a licensed realtor in North Carolina, currently working with several clients and expanding my network daily while continuing to operate my barber business part-time. Only God could write my story, and wherever He places me in business is my platform. To Him be all the glory!

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