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Kurt and Laura Coleman

Laura talks about her and her husband’s story, sharing ‘What I Love About Him’

Meet my best friend, my better half, the calm to our chaos, father of four, flex on ‘em 10- year NFL veteran, Kurt. He is newly retired and freshly appointed Administrator of Scholarship and Stewardship at Charlotte Latin School located in Charlotte, North Carolina. Kurt played at THE Ohio State University, four years for the Philadelphia Eagles, one year for the Kansas City Chiefs, three years for the Panthers, one year with the Saints, and finished his career in Buffalo. His most favorite season was the 2015 season in Carolina.

While it was a heartbreaking loss, the specialness of that year and the friendships formed have gone far beyond the football field. Kurt now enjoys coaching and training youth in and around Charlotte. He loves helping the youth discover and reach their full purpose in life, not just on the sports field. 

Many know him for his play on the field or his commitment to our community, but I know and love him for a side many don’t see and know.

Kurt, you are strong yet so gentle. You are tough, but you love like no other. Your cup overflows for Jesus, our children, and our family. You are the hottest gymnastics dad, the best T-ball coach, and the best life partner. You push us all to be better, challenge us to grow while being stretched, and hold our crazy family down so well. 

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