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Fearfully & Wonderfully Made

R.I.S.E to the Next Level

Isiah Neely is a natural athlete who knows he’s been blessed. As a multi-sport athlete in high school, he received a full scholarship to play football at Slippery Rock University in Pennsylvania, where he and his team earned back to back championships in 2014 and 2015. His collegiate experience, on the field and off, helped to sharpen his leadership skills, and he’s always been an individual who reaches back to help the next one up.  

Isiah is keenly aware that God has been the Source of all his success and never shies away from sharing that perspective with the athletes he’s been blessed to serve within his business, Rise Above Sports Training and Skill Development. 

At Rise Above, Isiah trains athletes in all sports, from beginners as young as seven years old to professional athletes in the NBA and NFL. His goal is to educate and assist each athlete in developing to their full potential and achieving their personal goals. Isiah tries to convey to all his athletes that moving efficiently, improving on fundamental skill sets, and executing drills for the athlete’s specific sport, along with getting top notch training, are all essential. 

But Isiah emphasizes even more. In order to R.I.S.E. to the next level, a core mindset is needed. Isiah personally embodies what it means to R.I.S.E. daily: Respect – Inspire – Sacrifice – Elevate. This is the core of Rise Above Sports Training and Skill Development. 

Notable Clientele:

Dane Jackson, Cornerback, Buffalo Bills, 2020 Draft Pick; Cam Johnson, Forward, Phoenix Suns; Puff Johnson, 2020 UNC Basketball Commit 

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