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Staying Focused

From the age of seven, Lou Collier knew he wanted to play baseball professionally.

“Once I started playing Little League baseball, I fell in love with the game.”

But pursuing his dreams was not an easy road. Growing up in the inner city of Chicago, Collier had no shortage of distractions, from gangs to drugs. Yet, his love for the game kept him focused and striving through the hard times. Now he is able to share about his journey in the Major Leagues to encourage others to stay focused on their dreams. He is also able to mentor young people from inner city Chicago and help them get baseball scholarships to college.

Collier is the first to admit that “my faith in God is my superpower.”

He keeps God first in his life and testifies that God has been with him through everything. To everyone who is afraid to step out and pursue their dreams, Collier brings encouragement; he reminds them that they are created by God for a purpose.

“If He created them, then He will provide everything they need to fulfill that purpose.”

When we follow God’s lead in our lives, He is also right there with us, giving us what we need to reach the destination He has for us.

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