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Taloring the Truth

Kendall Taylor steps out and speaks truth about truth.

I retreated in silence for a short time when I was approached by MB Magazine to write this particular message. In a society where a man’s words are first scrutinized for flaws and shortcomings before ever receiving a sincere invitation of unbiased curiosity, each verbal step toward delivering truth is nothing short of walking blindfolded through hidden landmines of social opinions.  

I decided to welcome the opportunity to tiptoe carefully yet boldly around the live wires of male insecurities and our hair-triggered egos. All in hopes of getting a clear shot that would kill the excuses we carry as men regarding our character. 

What is truth? As men, we have abused our gift of free will that was given to us by God and made the audacious move to rewrite what constitutes truth. Where truth should be the core foundation for how we govern ourselves as men, we attempt to manipulate and tailor universal and national laws in order to satisfy our insatiable appetites of lust and greed. 

Men have been fearfully created to be clothed in the fabric of truth. When worn, it clearly communicates the caliber of a man in a world where the uniform of choice appears to be stitched together using threads of compromise. But what exactly happens when the fabric of truth doesn’t meet the measurements that we’ve designed for our lives? 

Instead of embracing truth by committing to the required training and conditioning of our character in the gym of personal development, we choose to escape any pains of accountability by stretching the truth so it can fit the contours of our temptations and desires. Loose and baggy character will surely never be in season.

So, this clarion call is to my brothers who have courageously taken in the seams of their weaknesses and avoided certain color choices that don’t fit the occasion of destiny. I salute every man who decided to avoid the current fashions of toxic culturalism and found his own sense of personal style that echoes his sense of self-identity. I also encourage the younger men reading this to walk pass those high-priced brands of peer-pressure and to search for labels of authenticity as a brand can’t substitute for the inscription written on your heart. For no man knows the hour of His visitation, so it’s best to have our clothes already laid out!


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