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New Orleans — The City of Many Names

A little note from our team about our Amazing time in New Orleans.

Depending on who’s telling the story, you’ll hear NOLA, The Big Easy, and my favorite, N’Awlins! That one just has a great ring to it. What is certain about this city full of culture, great architecture, and great food is that it has great people. Hands down, one of the most hospitable places I’ve traveled… and I live in the South! From strangers to service providers, everyone was so warm and welcoming.  

Keeping all the fabulous features of many cities in mind, you know that the place where you lay your head and find peace when the enjoyment of the city is done also proves key to your adventure. In our search to find the best place for our crew to stay during our cover shoot with PJ Morton and his family, we searched the well-known hotel chains, considered Air BNBs, and even looked at some small boutique hotels. But, where we landed was tailor-made for our needs.  

If you travel with a group frequently, there’s always funny and exciting stories to share. How we ended up at NOPSI Hotel New Orleans is a colorful story. Upon our frantic entrance (a story best for an IG Live possibly), we were greeted by Gregory Otanez. Gregory initiated the “warm and fuzzy” hospitality that not only NOPSI had to offer, but New Orleans provided in general. In addition to his amazing service, what also stood out was the grand view of the lobby. I mean, geesh, it was spectacular!

“The hotel’s interior fixtures have been restored to their original 1920s grandeur.”

We all know that when traveling, you take care of everything beforehand. So, with us walking into an establishment with no reservations and running behind schedule, you can imagine the mental chaos happening in our minds. Greg was patient and friendly, and explained what to expect while waiting. When we finally went to our rooms, it was like walking into a small luxury apartment, and the shower was AMAZING! It’s always the bathroom for me! LOL! 

After our shoot, I wanted to let someone in charge know just how gracious and accommodating the staff had been to us when we arrived. Keeping with the hospitality, I talked to Ms. Vesonda Matthews. She learned about Mind Blowing Magazine that day. She and I talked briefly, like we had known each other for years. I showed her pictures of the magazine and everything! She connected me with Jennifer Caluda, Catering & Conference Services Manager. This team passed the baton of graciousness and hospitality one to another like it had been rehearsed. Jennifer was amazing and made sure we had everything we needed. GM’s usually don’t hear it enough, but Mr. Joseph Quilio, your team is excellent and the culture of the city resides in your staff.  

If you’re looking for an amazing experience, beautiful rooms, restaurants, rooftop pool, amazing customer service, and more, please reserve a room or book conference space at NOPSI Hotel New Orleans. You will not be disappointed. We cannot wait to return.  

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