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Style at Any Cost

Some fashion tips to fit any budget from the owner of Style at Any Cost.

To say 2020 was a challenging year is an understatement. People everywhere are excited that restrictions are being lifted. Folks are starting to make plans for date night, brunch, girls night out, or just getting back to living life as we knew it before Covid. 

Put away the sweats and the loungewear and pull out your killer outfits. Start planning you and HusBae’s coordinating outfits! Time to show up and show out! 

Spring is here!! Hey Girl, Heyyyy!! It is the season of Easter, Mother’s Day, April showers, and May flowers. Pastels are the colors of the season and wearing layers is key. Particularly if you live in an area where it is rainy and cold one minute and then sunny and 78 degrees the next. 

An oversized blazer paired with a hoodie or graphic tee creates a chic street style look when worn with shorts, designer tights, and booties, sandals, or high tops. Top the fit off with a baseball cap or fedora hat, and BAM! 

It’s the accessories for me!! Accessories can make or break an outfit. Currently on-trend are chunky chains, vegan leather, and braided sandals … all of which are statement pieces that add texture and volume to take any outfit to the next level.

The overall goal of Andrea Simmons, owner of Style at Any Cost (SAAC) and EYEc’d Out, is to help you secure the SAAC! From clothing to accessories, she has you covered. You need tips on how to style at any cost? Andrea has given us a peek into some of her personal “to-do’s” while shopping. Enjoy! 

1. Get Designer inspired looks for less by shopping Just Fab, Amazon Fashions, and Steve Madden, to name a few.

2. Preserve the look of your fashion jewelry by spraying it with a high gloss, clear spray prior to wearing. I use Krylon Crystal Clear #1330A, which can be found at your local hardware store. 

3. One of the essential tools you’ll need when shopping online is a tape measure. Knowing your body measurements will assist you in choosing the right size because sizing and cut can vary from brand to brand. European and Asian retail brands tend to be a smaller cut, while UK brands tend to be just a bit larger than those in the U.S. To get the most accurate measurements, I suggest going to a professional tailor or seamstress. 

For more from Style at Any Cost follow Andrea on Instagram.

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