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Ann & Willie Mooney: Love and Relationships

The Mooneys sit down with MB Mag to discuss their first year of marriage and the lessons they have learned.

Tell us how you two met. 

Ann: Maybe strange and unconventional at the time, our meeting actually happened on Facebook.

Willie: I take complete ownership that I sent her a message to her inbox. Honestly, I didn’t have any real high expectations. I mean, I wasn’t really shooting my shot. I was just being nice and acknowledging another nice person from my discernment. But I admit, I’m very nosey. LOL! When Ann acknowledged my involvement with the men’s ministry group, that made me curious to dig deeper. 

Willie, how did you know Ann was the one? Ann, how did you know Willie was the one? 

Willie: I knew she was the one over our time of courtship when my thoughts and responses to many things started to take a different type of consideration. Again, strange. We weren’t each other’s type; however, I witnessed her accept me in all my revealed transparencies and vulnerable areas of my personal life. Areas where, honestly, I had been judged and even rejected. Now that I started paying very close attention, Ann displayed that she was also a helpmate and a true partner. In all our imperfections, [she] was willing to follow me. Ann aligned with my godly purpose. 

He is a man that had a hookup with God, knows his purpose (which blends with mine). He didn’t have a problem with being vulnerable and such a great listener.

Ann: Willie was nothing [like anyone] I had ever dated or was used to. I mean, honestly, he wasn’t what I would call my type. But over time as I matured as a woman, I let God choose my type. I started paying attention to him. Willie treats me like a queen. I had a list, and he superseded it all. He is a man that had a hookup with God, knows his purpose (which blends with mine). He didn’t have a problem with being vulnerable and such a great listener.

Willie, tell us how you were feeling leading up to your proposal to Ann? 

OMG, I was super nervous as hell. LOL! But honestly I felt very honored and proud of what I had planned. I wanted Ann to ultimately feel like a princess. I was so excited about the ring I purchased for her. I knew in my heart that proposing to her was God saying to me, “Great job son!” And at the same time, I felt like the most blessed and favored man in the whole entire world. I was finally claiming the Unicorn as mine. I said to myself, “Now y’all can kick rocks with your Beyonce song, “I put a ring on it!” LMBO

Ann, tell us how you felt the day Willie proposed? 

OVERWHELMED WITH JOY! Let’s just say, it’s so hard to surprise me. I was so surprised. I felt like I was dreaming. I couldn’t stop crying. I mean, my husband perfected the engagement to every detail — from the camera man, to the family and friends on Zoom, location, he even picked out the outfit for me to wear. Oh my, that ring WAS NOT what I expected. This man has great taste where it has me still smiling. 

What do you think is the most important factor to having a successful marriage?

Willie: God, unconditional love, communication, finances, and sex.

Ann: I can agree with all that my husband has stated. Continued counseling and serving your spouse are necessities.  

How have you two walked together through hard times, and how has your relationship with God helped you get through those difficult times?

Ann: An example of our hardest time together is when we both fought COVID. We didn’t realize that our relationship was being attacked. By the both of us having a relationship with God, we were able to hear from Him and gain understanding as well as clarity regarding our feelings.  We had to fight the spirits of mistrust, rejection, abandonment, and lack of communication. Our relationship, because of God and His intervention, became stronger.  We decided to get married and have a small nuptial. Although we wanted the full participation of our friends and family in a large wedding, God showed us that Covenant was more important during this season than having a large ceremony. 

Being newlyweds, can you tell us how you will be spending your very FIRST holidays together?

Willie: Hmmmm, this is a good one. We desire to be present in the moment with each other and our entire family. Maybe we will have a mansion with 10 bedrooms or maybe go back to a place similar to the one we were engaged in. We just would love to see our family all together. 

What advice can you give our readers who are preparing for marriage?

Willie: This may sound cliche, but we believe in seeking God first for all things, especially marriage. Ask God to reveal to you HIS desires and purpose for your life. Is the person you are considering aligned with this purpose? Go through the process of courtship. Allow that man to pursue you. Pay attention to her resistance or pliability if you are the LEAD DOG,  LMBO. Pray, pray, and pray. But don’t ever forget to listen. 

Can you share with us one of your favorite scriptures? 

Willie: “To whom much has been given, much will be required; and from whom much is required, even more is given.”

Luke 12:48

Let’s celebrate a man’s favor with God! 😘

Ann: “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” 

Hebrew 11:1

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