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Ebony’s Favorite Things

Ebony Wilson, our resident fly auntie and good girlfrien’, is an accomplished makeup artist, licensed esthetician, beauty professional, and a self-proclaimed product junkie!

Let’s Get into Ebony’s favorite Holiday gifts. Trust us you’re going to love it!

Black Girl Magic

“No longer drink only water, but use a little wine for the sake of your stomach and your frequent ailments.”

1 Timothy 5:23

I’m just following the good Lord’s instructions. In all seriousness, Black Girl Magic wines are great gifts and they taste amazing. Drink responsibly!

Skin Buttr

Skin Buttr is like being wrapped in a warm embrace in sweet November. It’s made with 100% whipped Shea butter and it layers well with most fragrances.


Ubuntu have the perfect stylish, multi-purpose bags! If it doesn’t fit in your Ubuntu weekender, do you really need it? 


Honey child! This cleanser is made with raw honey, jojoba oil, and geranium oil. The Honey cleanser will “restoreth thy skin” and go the extra mile as a deep treatment mask that nourishes and pampers. 

Bamboozled by Jesus

Oh to be bamboozled by Jesus! Yvonne Orji is my BFF in my head! This book is hilariously written for those who color outside the lines, and “got popped” in the mouth for talking in church! I am she!

Fenty Perfume

Because I heard Rihanna smells like heaven, and this is as close as I’ll ever get to her… I just want my piece of heaven in a bottle. Magnolia and musk unite with tangerine, blueberry, hints of Bulgarian rose absolute, geranium, and patchouli creating the essence of a divine garden. 

Cardinal Paperie

Are you a gift paper hoarder? I am. The paperie is its own gift! Cardinal Paperie designs are sourced by traditionally underrepresented artists. They are passionate about creating a space for artistry and culture to collide in a way that makes art practical and affordable. 

Sapo Body Sponge

Word on the street is, some of our cousins are not bathing. Discreetly, drop a Sapo body sponge in their work bag or just give them to everybody you know! 

“Wash yourselves, make yourselves clean.”

Isaiah 1:16a

Our boys’ faces are just as important as our sis’!! You can’t be “beat to the heavens” with him looking like a hot mess! BoyFace is a clean, plant-based line of anti-aging skin care products for men, developed with the latest innovative skin care science in mind. Did you know BoyFace was created by singer, Miss La dah dee herself, Crystal Waters. 

Chic Geeks

You’ll be the most stylish attendee at Bible study when you whip out your electronic device sporting Chic Geeks accessories. Responsibly crafted from vegan leather, designer luxury accessories by Chic Geeks will leave you looking and feeling chic.

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