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Holiday Spending Tips

MB Mag reader, Mrs. Carla Queenan, shares her favorite money saving tips for holiday shopping.

With the holidays approaching, we want to offer you sound financial advice. What better way to do that, than doing what we do best as women… consult each other! That is exactly what we did thanks to one of our readers, Mrs. Carla Queenan. She reached out to a few girlfriends to get some “best practice” tips on how to not break the bank during the holiday season. 

Here’s an MB Tip

Now, for all you families out there that have creative loved ones… don’t be mad when their “within budget” gift looks like it cost three times the amount. They’re just more creative and resourceful. Here’s an MB tip… get them to do your shopping and everyone wins! LOL!

From our MB Mag family to yours, we pray everyone has a safe, happy, and healthy holiday season! 

5 Ways to Save During the Holiday

  1. In lieu of buying for your family members who don’t need more sweaters, adopt a family in need. Set a budget for the family and buy nothing else.
  1. Plan gift-giving with a list and spending limits using an app like Santa’s Bag. Purchase things on sale during the year and keep track of them. Or, shop only during the holidays and stick to it so you don’t over-purchase for anyone.
  1. Don’t buy gifts for the children — take a family vacation during the holidays instead. Though this may not be a money saver, it will be a memory maker. Gifts will be replaced, lost, or potentially under-appreciated, but memories will last a lifetime. Set a budget, plan early, and stick to the goal. 
  1. Do a Secret Santa gift exchange with spending limits for extended family members or friends. Take part in service projects and/or donating as a family. This is great for older kids and adults who have everything.
  1. Once a budget is set, tally it up BEFORE you start shopping and that’s the limit. Also, make sure all family members are on the same page. For example: we spend $__ amount on siblings, parents, nieces/nephews, aunts/uncles, etc. Make sure everyone sticks to the same budget for each designated group. This way, you may reduce the chances of anyone feeling slighted. 

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