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Hurdles in Heels

Lanarie Malone explains the purpose of her organization Hurdles in Heels.

Lanaire Malone is a Human Resource guru gifted in caring for people and creating scalable systems.

“Half full, or half empty” — Lanaire is the reminder that the glass is still at the halfway point and is loaded with a plan of action to fill it.

Lanaire has 10+ years of experience as a talent acquisition specialist and logistics powerhouse with a range of expertise from television networks to international ministries.

Hurdles In Heels is an organization that teaches young ladies in middle and high school how to run life’s hurdles in heels built on confidence. Hurdles In Heels exists as a global empowerment program that trains young women to overcome life’s many hurdles. Ones like body image, self-esteem, heartbreak, sex, mental health struggles, and drugs. Through creating experiences, giving exposure, and education, we desire to equip young women to run their best race — life. 

In order to do this, we’ve created our signature programs to serve our young Hurdlers.

The Vision Board Party

VISION BOARD (N): A Visualization tool of what you want your future to look like, composed of various words and images. Our motto is: “Little girls with dreams become women with vision.” So we like to engage both our young Hurdlers and their Mothers and/or Mentors, who we affectionately call M&M’s. With our Vision Board Party, we invite our M&M’s, over the age of 21, to bring a young lady, in middle or high school, and come set their goals for the upcoming year.

The HIH Experience

The Hurdles In Heels Experience is a course that engages, equips, and empowers young ladies to overcome their hurdles. Life doesn’t offer practice, so we’re focused on creating a space to teach girls how to practically handle the inevitable hurdles of relationships, goals, and confidence.

The Savvy Hurdler

This course is the newcomer to the group. With The Savvy Hurdler, our goal is to equip your high school and college-aged Hurdlers with the tips and tools for entering the “real world.” We’ll set them up with tools for interviewing, resumé writing, building a business plan, and much more.

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