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The “Iconic Issue” Is Available Now

S.I.S is here! The original “Around the Way Girl”, Simone I. Smith, is bossing up in the New Year with wisdom and life-changing revelation in our new magazine, The Iconic Issue,  available today! As you flip through these pages, you’ll learn more about how Simone I. Smith became who God prepared her to be, and you’ll understand why she reflects such a beautiful representation of an “Iconic Woman.” 

Monyetta Shaw-Carter.

We also had a conversation with Monyetta Shaw-Carter. The grace in which she moved through life’s challenges led her right to her happily-ever-after. In addition to the powerhouse Women of God already mentioned, God continues to Blow my Mind! 

Toni Collier

To round it off, Toni Collier bestows us with a devotion that will bless your soul. As I write this, knowing all that God has done and catching a glimpse of what He’s doing in 2022 already has me filled with so much excitement and expectancy! I pray you are blessed and encouraged as you turn each page and take in the message of love that God has allowed us to prepare for you.

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