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Refresh Your Home for the New Year

Tamara Bradshaw talks refreshing your home with simple changes.

If you follow me on social media, you may know that I’m all about glam when it comes to home decor. Many call me the “Queen of Glam.” Yes, give me all the glitz and glam possible with a touch of class and sophistication. I love everything OVER THE TOP, especially for the holidays! I’m sure you saw my Christmas trees and know what I mean! 

However, when the year ends and I take down all of my trees and Christmas decorations, I like to bring in the New Year with a clean and refreshed simplicity to my home. I use January as a month to get my home clean and step away from the glam for a moment. What does this mean? It means besides giving my home a good deep clean, I also refresh my home with subtle touches. This helps me mentally and physically prepare for a new year. It’s definitely good for the soul! I believe your home should be in order so that you can go out there and conquer the world.

My home has an open floor plan, so most of our time is spent in the living room, dining room, and kitchen. Little changes day by day will make your home feel like a new environment. You will always have your main base, which is your furniture. The furniture stays (unless you feel it’s time to make some new furniture purchases). Personally, I don’t suggest that. Simple and small changes will give your home a completely new look. 

For example, in my living room I always switch out the throw pillows on my sofa to bring in a new feel for the new year. I also remove any clutter from my coffee table to ensure it’s not overdone. Adding a new floral arrangement is also perfect and will make your space feel new. Why not even include a beautiful decorative book for finishing touches? Finally, I encourage changing up the area rugs, which is always a big focus in any room! 

I like to clear my dining room table of all settings and just add a beautiful floral centerpiece or a candle. I love that clean, sleek look, so sometimes I leave it bare. You always want your space open and clutter-free. Many of us bring in the New Year with resolutions. I know I do, and every year it’s to get rid of things I no longer need. Out with the clutter; in with a clean, sleek look. This begins in our homes. 


I try to clear off as much as I can on the counters, leaving out the bare necessities. Add a beautiful apothecary jar on your countertop; something so subtle still makes a statement. I also love adding a decorative tray with some flowers on my kitchen island. It adds a pop to your kitchen, without overdoing it. 


New sheets and a comforter set will bring it to life. Change out the throw pillows on your bed. Add a framed photo and a candle to your nightstands for a finished touch. Change up your curtains, or clean the ones you have and rehang. You can do the same in your children’s bedrooms. They are kids, but I know even as a kid I loved a good refresh. 


I believe in shopping from your home. Yes, use stuff you already have. I do it all the time. Pull out items you forgot you had. Bring those items back to life before you run out and shop! Yes, get started on those DIYs. Plenty of times I would head to the store and purchase things, without realizing I already had something similar at home I could have used. Spray paint a vase to a new color to fit your color scheme; use an old mirror to make a decorative tray; use old artwork and change it up to your liking. Don’t be afraid to be creative! 


No matter the size of your home, how small or big. No matter if you live in a small apartment or huge condo. None of that matters. What matters is how you feel there. A home that creates a feeling of peace, a home where memories begin — that’s what I want for everyone when bringing in the New Year. I wish you all love, open hearts, and blessed comfort in your homes during 2022 and beyond. 

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