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Style & Grace

Style and Grace with Ty Harper

Reused, Remixed, Reimagined.

When thrifting, I only purchase clothes I feel comfortable in. Being comfortable in your clothes sets the tone for your entire day. It’s a great day when you don’t have to spend most of it adjusting your clothes. Being comfortable in your outfit equals confidence and when you’re confident it allows you to show up anywhere feeling sexy, bold, and powerful.


You don’t have to break the bank to be fashionable. Expensive is an energy, you determine what you want to look and feel like in your clothes. You wear the clothes, the clothes should never wear You!


You can still be bold wearing the color nude. By using different shades of nudes this will add interest to your outfit without you looking boring while rocking the color nude.

Must Haves When Thrifting





Hat — $7.99

 Hats are my go-to whenever I want to make a statement. Adding a hat to your outfit will elevate your look in seconds.

Necklace — $5.99

Add a bold necklace to make a statement to any basic outfit.

Handbag — $4.98

Don’t be afraid to use prints. This gives you a chance to add your personality to your outfit.

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