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The “2022 Men’s Edition” is Available Now

I love when the time comes around to celebrate our “Men of God”; this special men’s edition means so much to me. “Why?” you ask. Because it’s so important as women that we pour God’s unconditional love into all our men. Yes, they appear to be exceptionally strong at times, even when we expect them to be the most vulnerable. Men have a way of always keeping it together and not showing too much emotion, so we may not always show our appreciation. This issue is a beautiful dedication to our men and our way of saying “we love and appreciate you.” 

Elvin Ross

We also love how God continues to AMAZE us!! It seems He delights in giving us mind-blowing gifts that cause us to praise Him.  Presenting singer, songwriter, Grammy award-winning artist Chandler Moore as our cover feature! When I tell you this article moved me to tears, please know I was blessed and helped in areas I didn’t even realize existed. I felt Chandler was somehow speaking to me personally as the powerful statement this article highlights, “Nothing Is Wasted,” is a message I humbly live by: Romans 8:28. So powerful! Glory be to God! And if that’s not enough, our “Let Your Light Shine” article features composer and filmmaker Elvin Ross. In fact, all the testimonies in this edition have been shared by strong and powerful men who will enlighten your heart and feed your soul. I just want to express “a very special thank you to every contributor and man featured; your contributions will bless many and leave lifelong imprints on everyone who took the time to follow your journeys.” Believe me, I laughed and cried through each page turn, completely amazed by all the transparency and love shared. I hope and pray that through their stories, God will gently lead you to find the best love of all, that found in His Son, Jesus Christ. No matter what we are going through and the obstacles we face daily, He is still on the throne sitting at God’s right side, interceding for all of God’s children.

May you find your heart inspired as you read, all to His glory!

Stacy Sorrell – Moore, Editor-in-Chief

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