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The “Love & Relationships” Issue is Available Now

What a miraculous gift to witness God’s love! And that’s exactly what you’ll do once you dive into the pages of our Love & Relationships issue. God knows exactly what we need as well as when and how we need it. His timing is perfect. I was reminded of this truth as I was reading our cover feature describing the beautiful love story of Pastor Keion Henderson and Shaunie O’Neal. The love they share feels so gentle, patient, and predestined. Every heartwarming word they spoke about one another moved me to tears. I thank God for them both and I am extremely grateful to have witnessed such a testimony.

Everything belongs to God because God made everything.

John 1:1-3

This Scripture says it all: everything we have belongs to God. Our spouses, children, loved ones, etc., are all gifts from God and exemplify His love for us.

Tichina Arnold and Alijah Kai Haggins

I was so inspired by the interview between mother and daughter, Tichina Arnold and Alijah Kai Haggins. Their very special bond is heaven sent and a true testament of God’s unconditional love. The saying “like mother, like daughter” is an understatement when it comes to these two. The more and more I learned about their unique relationship, the more inspired I became. I am so amazed by the similarities between this mother and daughter; their personalities, talents, and posture are almost identical. How amazing is this, a beautiful example of God’s love! His love is so intentional! I can’t wait for you to read every enlightening story. The breath-taking images will definitely grab your attention.

I’m so thankful for every gifted contributor and writer as well; their hearts are displayed with every page turn. I pray you are blessed and encouraged as you take in the message of love that God has allowed us to prepare for you.

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