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The Morning After

The MB Mag Team shares their favorite moments from their recent stay at Dream Hollywood.

“The MB Magazine team has been blessed to stay in gorgeous locations for all their cover shoots. Now, it’s a tradition to give a review of the properties, the staff, and a full recap of their experience!” Maybe your property will be next to Blow their Minds!

Welcome to “The Morning After”

~ Stacy Sorrell Moore, Editor-in-Chief

I heard so many amazing things about Dream Hollywood from The MB Mag team before I even stepped foot into this beautiful hotel. I joined the team a couple of days later and I was more than impressed by how they went above and beyond to make special accommodations for each and every one of us. The entire team hit the ground running from the time of check-in and “The Dream Staff”, as I liked to call them, was right there with us, gracefully granting all of our last-minute requests. Yes, this was a business trip, however, we were still able to find the time to relax and appreciate the lovely amenities while we worked. Whenever I return to the LA area, I can’t imagine staying anywhere else! Great Experience!

~ April Daniels, Editorial Director

Although my stay at Dream Hollywood for this shoot was truly amazing, it was definitely the rooftop that gave me the sunny California vibes. When I wasn’t working, I was being kissed by the sun at the pool or indulging at The Highlight Room even while being on a strict cleanse. I was pleasantly surprised by the chef’s ability to create an excellent dish with the three things I was able to eat during that time. Not to mention, my happy ending of sitting in the direct sunlight picking from the most exotic tray of fruit. It’s the little things for me!v

~ RobinV, Cover Feature Photographer & Creative Director

As a photographer, Dream Hollywood was perfect for me to shoot. There were so many different areas to capture and nothing looked the same. The decor was absolutely amazing! Every shot gave something different from one side of the space to the next. The hallways, the bathrooms, the guest rooms, the way light entered each space, the rooftop…everything was on point. Photographers – this hotel is an experience! 

~ Denise Griffin, Managing Editor

Though my time at Dream Hollywood was all work, the environment in which I got to do the majority of my work felt like playtime. Yes, the food was great and the bed was comfy… but how often do you get to exchange your office desk and chair for beautiful outdoor marble bar views, or plush couches in an open-air hotel lobby! The versatility of my office for the week was unmatched. During the day, I was able to plug in, literally, wherever I chose to work. When the work extended into the evening hours, the atmosphere’s lighting and music shift still allowed for my creativity to flow and it was the perfect backdrop for our meetings! 

~ Joyce Sheffield, Editorial Stylist

The Dream Hollywood hotel was an awesome space for both personal use and business. The Guest House Suite was immaculate! The versatile interior design allowed my team and I to work efficiently to style Mrs. Simone I. Smith, all while still having ample space to conduct our photoshoot effortlessly. My King suite was cozy and also served as a perfect fitting space for our cover guest as well. I would recommend this beautiful hotel any time. 

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