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The Girlfriend's Corner

The Sweetest Revenge

If you’re anything like me, at the start of a new year I find I want to hit the reset button in areas of my life, tossing old ways from the previous year that wore me down, rebooting many tried and true habits, and grasping onto the possibilities of the new. And if that’s not enough to focus on in the beginning of 2022, I think we all have reached our limit on experiencing the effects of COVID-19: all the traces of uncertainty, new variants, sickness, and untimely loss. As much as I’d like to say “throw away the entire year,” I myself even have to pause in making that statement because God can use it all. Let’s face it: all of us have taken a moment to question out loud, what the heck is going on? From the concern and worry alone, many have derailed from their faith or become comfortable snuggling with doubt as the colder season moves in. So many layers can easily attach itself to us, perhaps tipping the scale to a wavering faith, distant goals, and slept on dreams. 

But most of us know in those moments of uncertainty and shaky faith that the enemy thrives to get in there and occupy any space that allows him to drive fear and doubt further into the equation, losing any sight of victory and inching up the worry factor. Listen, let me be the first to say with the traumatic loss I experienced in 2019, followed by the past two years, I definitely had moments where I thought I lost it all. Because what was staring back at me was the evidence from reality that pulled the plug on everything I had planned. Yet, at times I was crazy enough to believe that more blessings lay in store for me instead of believing the lies of the devil. 

However, timely revelations required me to adopt a specific mindset, not only to embrace the idea of a vibrant future but to embrace it with expectancy. You know the times when God decides to stretch you to a new level without notice while, at the same time, you’ve lost your ability to wrap your head around what to do next. It’s an unsettling feeling when the life scenario staring at you doesn’t reflect the type of promise you once knew well, and at that point the enemy feels he has the advantage of robbing you of that same hopeful promise. 

But throwing in the towel at the sight of uncertainty or curling up in a corner to watch your purpose die because the plan took a hard left is never an option. The thing about strength is you don’t know how strong you are until you have to use it, so this exact place is where you use everything you have to cancel out the lies about the power of God’s purpose He placed in you. We don’t get to choose the plan, but we do get to choose to be obedient to the promise. 

What am I saying? Girl! Get up every day you can, ready for action! Show up daily, even if you have to do it scared because His Word doesn’t return void. Every day I tell myself I have an empire to build, and if it takes me brick by brick to do it, that’s what I will be committed to. It’s a new year and, yeah, maybe things have been altered in some way. But don’t be that one who needs to see proof before you believe He will meet you in the middle of whatever you are experiencing. Even with the setbacks, God will fulfill the purpose He placed in you because He gave it to you. I’m going to keep it a buck. I have some pretty big dreams left in me that I will not give up on, regardless of what my past reflects. Nor am I going to allow the experience to swallow up time and occupy space, making it harder to become the best version of myself. Stay the course and become more intentional with what you choose to believe instead of what the circumstance reflects.

The sweetest revenge on the lies of the enemy is choosing to show up ready! In the times of uncertainty, disappointment, and delay, result to the Word, worship, and surrounding yourself with people who look like where you want to be. Not the things or people who will make you sink deeper into disbelief. The thing about purpose is it doesn’t go away, but I do believe we can take a few unnecessary turns when we aren’t aligned with the Word. But even with that, God loves us so much He can still use it all. 

So, look chick! Don’t let the clutter, chaos, or disruptions we are experiencing be the bible you read from. You are so valuable to the body of Christ, and that empire I talked about for myself … girl, He has one for you, too. So, keep building, and I’ll see you at the top! 

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