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Year of the Soul

As told by Marquita Moore

11:19 a.m. How I Grew Today

This is the year for my soul and my spirit to take the lead so the light in me grows greater every day. I have a choice, and I am choosing. I am choosing to pay attention to what my soul needs to flourish and be free so I can live my life as an example of God’s love here on Earth.

This is not an easy choice to make, and I’m nowhere near perfect at it, but I am at it. The natural part of me wants to control everything and take over all the time. It wants me to live my life in effort instead of trusting and being. I stumble, but the stumbling is part of learning how to be an example, how to live as a being who wants to embody the guidance of Spirit — intentionally and full of consciousness (awareness), even when I stumble. 

It’s important I observe my soul from every angle so I can see when I am out of alignment — when I lose my balance, where I get tripped up, and what makes me fall. I have to see when I am not being loving, patient, or peaceful, to see where I may get thrown off the path of love and forget to be kind, calm, and gentle. I must see what stops or distracts me from being poised in my soul and faithful to His example. I also want to be aware of what I feel like when I am moving from a place of full love. This is just as important.

This is the year I let go and allow my soul to fully awaken.  

I am already what and who I wish to be. We all are, and we have so many gifts inside us, but we must allow Spirit to wake them up, by waking us up. I want to be awakened to all the things that serve me and others well. So, I embrace God’s Word as well as the “teachers” who show up as experiences, tests, or people Divinely placed on my path to offer me opportunities to grow and nudge the places in me still slumbering.

I also know that my soul requires me to care for it. It deserves my full attention so it stays open and awake. When I spend quiet time connecting to Spirit, being still, conversing, listening, and feeling, I’m giving it the care it needs. 

This quiet time is where I get strengthened and where deep change takes place. It’s where I empty myself out and open up to receive. It’s where God and I talk about what’s on my heart that I need to share with just Him. It’s in this time that I can see what has been affecting my soul, and how those things have been informing how I show up spiritually. We reflect on what lessons I have finally put to bed and overcome, and I give thanks for the wisdom I have gained. In the fullness of God’s presence, I affirm who I am, whose I am, and what I believe. This very act declares who I trust.  

This time of connection encourages my soul to keep going, to keep choosing. It reinforces the foundation of love in me and makes room for more of the gifts, which have been sleeping, to awaken. 

I want my soul to leave lasting imprints, good ones, on the hearts of all the other souls I meet. I want my soul to continue to reveal the deepest, purest expressions of me, the parts so closely aligned to God that our oneness is unmistakable.  

Mirroring the essence of God requires me to engage with my soul in a way that is active, constant, and consistent. It requires me to dig beneath the surface of myself and be honest about my actions so I will always ask the questions that are sometimes hard, such as these:

Am I being patient, caring, and forgiving? Is my way of dealing with and speaking with others — and not just those I love personally — healing or hurting someone’s heart? Are my wounds showing up and affecting the way I view others, and if so, how do I correct that? I will seek guidance about everything so I can represent the essence of Spirit, no matter what comes my way. 

This is the “Year of my Soul.” Let my spirit be memorable. Let my light shine from my SOUL so bright that it is recognizable in the darkest of nights and even in the brightest of days. 

That’s How I Grew Today.   

May it inspire you in some way.

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