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THE LOVE & RELATIONSHIPS ISSUE – Pastor Keion & Shaunie – April 2022

Stacy Sorrell – Moore

Editor – in – Chief

Denise L. Griffin

Managing Editor

April Daniels

Editorial Director

Robin V

Creative Cover Director & Cover Feature Photographer

Joyce Sheffield

Rodney Howell, Assistant

Editorial Stylist

Jazmine Rainge

Shamera Batts

Art Direction and Design

Karen Steinmann

Senior Editor

Brittany Clubine



April Daniels

Tari Cox

Quianna Lashea

Marquita Moore

Contributing Writers

Toni Emehel

Ty Harper

Tamara Bradshaw

LeAnne Dlamini

Shanika Graham-White



Tony Pettiford of Clear Scope Media

Social, Video, MultiMedia

Event Producers

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